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 Exciting Announcement!!!!!
We are now also selling everything you need for wild birds, from nuts and seeds to feeders and treats. Check out the bird seed and accessories section in our shop by clicking here or on the picture above.
Don't worry, everything else is still the same and we still sell all our poultry supplies and still offer our fantastic free local delivery on all our products (old and new).
We hope you enjoy our new products!
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Our Story
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For us, keeping chickens started as a hobby. We started off with 6 hens as we thought this would get more than enough eggs for the two of us!

We started selling our eggs to friends and family to cover the cost of the hen's food. Our eggs were in such high demand that we increased our brood to 8 lovely hens.

We then started hatching our own chicks! We hatch a limited amount of chicks (both pure breeds and hybrids) each season, and also hatch to order on request.

We are happy to advise on all aspects of chicken keeping so please feel free to contact us

We hope you find keeping chickens as fun and satisfying as we do!


Services we can provide for your brood:



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